Friday, 26 October 2012

Poetry Friday - Live Your Life

You can only be as scared as you’ll let yourself be.
But you’re constantly crying out to God; “Why me?”
Do one thing wrong and the plate will fall,
Sending delicate treasures all over the floor.
A monster is flying up high all above you,
Sending shadows across the walls all around you.
You hide amongst excuses of “No, I can’t.”
But you know that you’re bigger than some tiny ant. 

Paranoia can hit you at the weirdest of times,
And make every mistake like a horrible crime.
It scares you deep and you hide away,
Dreading that someone will remember that day.
It’s not about being right all the time,
It’s respecting yourself when you’re not at your prime.
Somebody has to pick up your mess,
And apply just another piece of harmless stress. 

The world will cave when the earthquake hits,
You can try if you like to keep your wits.
You like to think that you can but you know that you can’t,
You still see yourself as an insignificant ant.
Rise above the problems you create for yourself,
Put your paranoia away, up high on your shelf.
Leave the plate alone next time it sits precariously,
If you don’t want to fail yourself hilariously. 

The world is ticking; don’t let it blow up,
Put a smile on your face for your fans and close-up.
Learn to live your life without caring so much,
And the tower won’t fall when you apply such a touch.
The world will look up and you will look down,
And for once you won’t see, in the mirror, a clown.
It’s difficult yes, but its well worth the wait,
When you don’t care ‘bout your looks or your jokes or your weight. 

Learn to dip your toes in the water some more,
Don’t wait to see who can open that door.
Dive right on in, forget all the rules,
The last thing we need now is a cowardly fool.
It’s time to stop waiting for moments to come,
Write your own history, play your own drum.
Sing your own songs and dance your own dances!
Fly like a bird! Take some more chances! 

Live your life! Live your dream!
Go against the flow! Swim upstream!
Forget the media and all their rules!
Be who you are, be a sparkling jewel!
You’re a one of a kind and there’s no one like you!
So lighten up for a change, stop looking so blue!
Let’s go watch the clouds, let’s go fly a kite,
Let’s throw out our worries and set them alight! 

It’s a wonderful day to be who you are,
No one wants you to be someone that you just plain aren’t.
You don’t have to hide your mistakes all away,
Just wipe them all off and laugh them away.
Take your glasses off and let your hair down,
Party so hard that you lose that big frown.
Tell your friends that you love them;
Tell them just what they mean,
Change someone’s world before you turn eighteen! 

Even if you’ve messed up and ruined some art,
Even if you’ve screwed up and broke someone’s heart.
The world won’t end right here and right now,
Laugh it off for a change, and don’t have a cow.
The world won’t keep waiting, just step on that train,
You won’t see the light if you wait in the rain.
You’ll see when you get there; you’ll see that I’m right,
If you open your eyes, you too will see light. 

There’s a girl out there, or maybe a guy,
Maybe you’ve met them and you’re feeling too shy.
There’s a job out there that’s perfect for you,
Maybe you see it but you need a breakthrough.
Your life is upon you, things are beginning to get real,
But that doesn’t mean that tonight’s your last meal.
Stop panicking, please! And stop freaking out!
So what if you screw up? There’s no need to pout! 

I’m sixteen years old and even I can see,
Everything in life can fill you with glee.
If you relax for a change and let your heart be,
You too, of this curse, can also be free.
I’ll read this each year on Christmas day,
To remind myself of where I’m trying to aim.
I suggest you listen to me, let your pain float away,
Wash your toes in the grass; lay your head in the hay. 

There’s a God and he loves you, no matter what you do,
If you screw up and mess up and your life is a zoo.
He’ll always forgive you, no matter what you’ve done,
It’s better that way when you look at the long run.
It’s that kind of perspective I’d like on my life,
To see myself perfect, no matter the strife.
To be happy with me, and who I can be,
And where I can go, and what I can see. 

Maybe I’m wrong; you don’t have to agree,
But take my advice and go climb a tree.
Don’t wonder about all the bad things that could happen,
Get out from the covers and get into action!
Make your life a little weird; make your life a little stranger,
Don’t think about money, don’t think about danger.
If everyone who read this was capable of it,
The world would be better by just a little bit.


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