Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Bestie

When I started this blog; I told a friend of mine I was going to write all about them on the internet for everyone to see. So here it is: My Bestie:

I was on a camp one weekend, and I like to take opportunities like that to meet new people, especially those that I'm going to be around a lot.

So here I am on this camp, and I was meeting all these people that were new to my choir, and there was this one girl that was a little quiet. And this was a very loud social group.

One thing I like to do is refer to people using internet slang. Like bff, bffl, or bestie. The sort of thing that one associates with a stereotypical teenage girl that texts too much and starts every sentence with "Oh my God!"

Anyway, one dinner; a friend of mine said something mean... In a playful, loving way of course. In return, I told them they were no longer my bestie, and I moved my seat over to this girl I had just met and said that she was now my bestie, in an attempt to make my ex-bestie jealous and come crawling back... In a playful, loving way...

At first she was a little hesitant, but I started calling her bestie every time I saw her. I would spot her out from across a room, wave in a ridiculous manner, and call out "Hey Bestie!"

Normally she would politely wave back, like I was the village idiot you just be polite to because they're not right in the head and you have pity on them.

But I wasn't deterred.

You see; when I single someone out and make them my bffl, or my bff, or my bestie, I don't quit until they accept their new position.

For the next two whole days, every time I saw her I waved like an idiot, shouting out "Hey Bestie!" And every time she would very politely act like she didn't know me.

Eventually it was the last day of camp, and we were all about to go home. I had failed. I had chosen a target to make my new bestie, and to bring them to my level of craziness and stupidity. (Because she was just too normal) And she hadn't taken the bait, she was probably sick of me by then.

I had my bags in my hand, my ride was waiting, and I was about to walk out the door.

All of a sudden from the opposite side of the room I hear "Hey Bestie!"

I turned around and there she was, waving like an idiot at me, no inhibitions, no hesitation. It was such a beautiful moment, I was so proud. I hadn't given up all weekend, and it had paid off. Stubbornness is my forte.

I saw her later that week, and I called out "Hey Bestie!" to which she responded "Hey Bestie!". I knew then that she would be my bestie forever.

We still call each other Bestie to this day, ridiculous waving and all. And every time, I'm reminded of that moment when she first called me bestie, oh so long ago. So here's to my bestie.

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