Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Once You've Been to India

Anyone who has been to India before will get this.

Once you've been to India:
You never eat with your hands the same way.
You never worry about crossing the road safely.
You never think of curry the same way.
You never take anything for granted.
You never drive safely again.
You have an uncontrollable urge to clap during worship.
You never complain that it’s too crowded.
You feel like royalty on public transport.
You can’t eat breakfast the same way.
You can’t help but stare when you see a white person.
You can’t help but wonder where everyone is.
You see ungrateful people everywhere.
You are no longer impressed with fireworks.
You take every chance you can to drink water straight from the tap.
You never waste left-over food.
You can’t appreciate dance parties anymore.
You can always fit another person into the car.

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