Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Problem with Halloween

There's been a lot of talk about Halloween and the problems with it, especially in Christian circles. Not just because it's a widely celebrated pagan holiday, but because of what it says about us.

For one thing, I'm Australian, I don't even want to know about Halloween, and I certainly don't want to be invited to participate in Halloween events. At what point did we start celebrating American holidays? Next it'll be Thanksgiving, and then it'll be the 4th of July.

On top of that, it's barely a real holiday. It's more a chance for consumerism than it is for celebration. Most people have no idea of its pagan roots, its Christian influence, or any other part of its history.

When people deliberately scare themselves, when they see scary movies or venture into haunted houses; they are very open to the influence of evil. And most of the time they don't even realise it.

But worst of all is the fact that it glorifies evil. Any time where you dress up as something evil you are glorifying it. But besides that; the costumes are becoming more and more violent and gory. People walking around with blood dripping off them is borderline Satanic.

People will say "It's just fun and games", but is it really? When you dress yourself up to look like your dead, or dying, and spend the whole night scaring other people and being scared yourself, telling stories about ghosts, witches, zombies, and the likes of those, and then to call that a celebration, what are you really saying?

You're saying that you're taking a day out of your life each year to celebrate evil, to dress up as something evil and try to induce fear in yourself and in others.

It's not healthy. People need to realise that when it comes to anything supernatural, anything at all really, there are two forces at work. In everything you do, every day, you are either glorifying God, or Satan.

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