Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Celebrity Crushes

Today on Twitter the hash tag #dumbfanficmoments was trending. People simply tweeted the most ridiculous and outrageous extracts from fan fiction writing that people had seen before. Almost all of the excerpts were from stories about celebrities like Justin Bieber or One Direction falling in love with them and getting married.

So the question is: Why on Earth are people so obsessed with celebrities and stars that they fall in love with them? The same person without their celebrity status could walk right past these fans and not get so much as a second glance.

What is so special about being famous that suddenly makes you irresistible to thousands, even millions of people?

I've seen people hold out their babies to lead singers of bands for them to kiss, I've seen people cry because they saw Justin Bieber in person, I've seen people faint because Michael Jackson patted them on the shoulder as he walked past.

People follow celebrities in a way that would be illegal if they were not famous. There are people have gone to a thousand shows by the same person, people that have followed celebrities' cars to find out where they were going.

People stay up all night, fly all over the world, camp out in lines, and spend small fortunes, all just to meet a celebrity in person.


Because everyone worships something, or someone. Everyone has a religious obsession with something. A book or movie series, a band or performer, a sport, a game, a God, it could be anything.

We were made to worship, made to bow down in awe of something. You might not think of yourself as particularly religious, but I'm sure there is something in your life that you're obsessed with or addicted to. Maybe not to the extent of bursting into tears at the sight of that thing, but you definitely worship it.

We were born to worship a God. A literal God, or otherwise. And when that hole isn't filled with God, you fill it with other things, in this case, celebrities.

And for anyone who is skeptical, ask yourself: Has anything has ever gotten in the way of your social life, your hygiene, or your health? Ever lost sleep going to a midnight launch? Let your dinner go cold to get past one more level? Stayed up late to finish reading a book? Blown someone off to watch your favourite TV show? Skipped school to see a concert?

What do you worship?

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