Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dr Yoshiyahu Games

I've mentioned a few times on my blog that I'm a games developer but I neglected to post links to my games. I make online flash games. They're free to play and only require an internet browser and the latest version of flash.

I took the alias Dr Yoshiyahu and started working on a few games over a year and a half ago. I've only finished and published a few because my skills are continuously being increased and I'm leaving games behind if the code is too old or messy.
I published the games on Kongregate, a site where I can talk to other developers and play their games, as well as play some very high-end professional games. I also uploaded them to a site called Mochimedia, and they distribute my games to hundreds of other sites for me. Using them, my games are all over the internet.

These are the games I've published so far:

Implosive is a simple arcade game where the aim is to create chain reactions of little explosions to build up a multiplier and get a huge score. I published the game in October last year and to date it's been played 7000 times.

When I made the game I was not very adept at programming, so the code is messy and confusing, like reading the diary of a four year old, but the game came out just the way I wanted it to.

I entered a competition called Game in Ten Days, in which the competitors have ten days to create a game based on a particular theme. The winner is picked by every day players based on how good it is. I created Just Another Shadow for the 24th Game in Ten Days and I was the runner up.

It's a puzzle platformer using optical illusions to confuse players as they try to reach the end of a level over and over and over.

Flash Spirograph is just a simple mathematic pattern creator. It does the same job as a real spirograph, except with many more options. It's more of an app than a game.

It was more or less an experiment to see what sort of patterns I could make. Suffice to say, I've seen some amazing patterns created with Flash Spirograph.

I'm working on plenty more games, and my programming skills now of a more professional standard, I'm looking at much more complex ideas, with deep plots and intense game play. I'll be sure to post here next time I publish a game.


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    1. Once school is out; I'll have time to focus my efforts on a number of projects I have in the works. Keep an eye out for 'Infinity'. ;)