Friday, 23 November 2012

Poetry Friday - Cloud

The wind gushes through me; fast and cool,
Like a rainbow tastes straight from a pool.
It feels so good on my fluffy cheek,
On every day of every week.
The wind is all I need to feel,
It replenishes me like a big refill.

It’s so serene up in the sky,
Above the world, way up high.
My fluffy heart breathes with the life of the sun,
Through rain and snow; it’s always fun.
Up pops a rainbow after the storm,
And a melody of laughter is once again born.

Birds sing brightly in the sky, all around,
Far far away from the fears on the ground.
And in the night, the light is fleeting,
I can hear the dreams of the children sleeping.
A kite flies past and then a balloon,
I feel its freedom as it floats past the moon.

There’s not a care in the world up in the sky,
Every day you can go and fly.
No matter how or when or why,
I love nothing more than to go and fly.
I spread my fluff and then I soar,
The wind takes me higher than ever before.

The whistling wind is what I love,
It feels like a blessing from high above.
Nothing compares to a life like this,
To live my life is pure bliss.
Of my job I am so proud,
I’d rather be nothing than not be a cloud.

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