Friday, 2 November 2012

Poetry Friday - The Dark of the Night

As I begin on my perilous plight,
I cover myself with the black of the night.
I collect what I need and begin to depart,
And dream up some tale to tell from the heart.

My forehead is dripping, my fingers are burning,
My luggage is heavy, my taste buds are yearning.
The clouds are all grey and the sunlight is hot,
I’ve too much to carry and nowhere to stop.

I sit down and I eat and I take in the sights,
And I pretend that I’m visiting and not taking flight.
Uphill and downhill I continue to climb,
Until at last! That familiar sign.

Finally I arrive at my destination,
My bones are all sore and I need rehydration.
But I stop and I stare at an unusual sight,
A noose just for me has been tied nice and tight.

Swaying in the wind it beckons me,
This failed attempt at a final plea.
A shiver runs down my shivering spine,
And immediately a chorus of dogs starts to whine.

The magpies surround me, waiting for lunch,
Waiting for me to take a punch.
I stare in awe at the peculiar sight,
Wondering what it will mean on this night.

Many days later I look back and see,
That someone had it in for me.
Someone wanted me to go away,
But from my destiny I didn’t stray.

I find myself here, writing to you,
Pondering what ever pulled me through.
It was faith in God, an invisible God,
A God all-knowing, and completely unflawed.

That’s what led me to the other side,
Where I can look back on all that I eyed.
I can see where I came from and where to go next,
I can see the cause and I can see the effects.

This tale is over before it began,
But God had always had a plan.
No matter where I am or where I go,
Or where I was so long ago.

There’s nothing I ever had to worry about,
I can’t believe in my head there was ever a doubt.
I learnt my lesson, I was tested and tried,
But God had never left my side.

You see, God rewards those who are faithful to him,
He rewards those who trust him when the lights are all dim.
Even if you can’t see him in the dark of the night,
He has mercy on those who trust him despite.

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