Friday, 16 November 2012

Poetry Friday - Lucky One

I guess there’s more than what I can see,
Why was I be so simple minded?
It’s like a solar eclipse came and passed,
And I was temporarily blinded.
I felt a little bit left out of it,
I didn’t know what was wrong.
Is there something they knew that I had missed?
Had I simply become too strong?

I didn’t understand what was happening,
I didn’t see the world through their eyes.
I couldn’t see what they could see,
I couldn’t comprehend their cries.

So I guess I’ve learnt my lesson then,
It took me far too long.
All this time it wasn’t my fault,
There was never anything wrong.
Now I see what the truth really is,
And why I felt so overdone.
I thought that we were all just the same,
But all along I was the lucky one.

Now I understand what has happened,
And why I feel so strange.
Now I know what they’ve been through,
And there’s nothing I need to change.

Now I can keep moving forward,
Now that all of this is done.
I now know why they did what they did,
Because I was the luckiest one.

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