Saturday, 10 November 2012

Song of the Month - The Stillness of Remorse

Wow. I can't believe I've reached 2000 hits on my blog. It was only this Tuesday that I celebrated 1000! My blog has grown exponentially, and I want to thank all my readers. All the people from Tecoma who read my post about McDonalds, the one hundred or so people from California that I've never met, and the two people from a tiny country I'd never heard of called Wallis and Futuna, out in the Pacific Ocean. Thank you all.

To celebrate this occasion: I've decided on the tenth of every month, starting with November this year, I will post a song that I have composed. I set up an account on BandPage just for it.

I've been writing songs for quite a few years now. I like to think some are actually alright. Most of my music was techno and electronic, mostly because I wrote my own background music for my flash games, but I'm starting to shift towards acoustic stuff, lots of pianos and violins especially. I don't use vocals at all because I don't have any way of recording it, but I do sing.

I'd really appreciate it if no one tried to download the songs, remake them, or use them for anything. Maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to have my music on iTunes or something,

Today I'm going to share a song entitled The Stillness of Remorse. It's a deep, emotional piano solo from the album Sinking.

I wrote this song on the 14th of February this year. I had no idea I wrote the song on Valentine's Day, I only just realised then when I uploaded the song. How interesting. Perhaps there's some deep psychological meaning behind this song that is so cryptic not even I am aware of its true meaning. Anyway, enough rabble.

Here it is: The Stillness of Remorse.

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