Friday, 16 November 2012

The Sauce is All That Matters

Eating lunch today; I came to a realisation. I was eating a bread roll with a piece of crumbed chicken and Tartare Sauce. In most people's eyes, that's a pretty weird combination. Tartare Sauce almost always goes with seafood, but I love it, so the fact that I was eating chicken and not fish didn't deter me.

It was then that I noticed how little difference the type of meat made. I was eating chicken, but it seriously resembled fish. It had nothing to do with the meat at all; the fact that I was eating it with Tartare Sauce made it taste like seafood.

The actual flavour of the meat, whatever it is, is insignificant. All that matters is the sauce. Having nothing but meat on its own, without any additional flavouring, is quite boring, and bland. So we put all kinds of toppings and sauces on, but we are in a situation where we always put the same thing on particular types of meat.

Obviously chicken and lamb are somewhat different, but if I put rosemary and mint jelly on chicken, it would taste like lamb. I'm sure you wouldn't be deceived because they look and feel very different, but that's not the point.

The point is that we assume the meat we're eating based on the other flavours we taste, because the taste of the meat alone is not usually very powerful.

This isn't some metaphorical statement about life or a philosophical idea, I am dead serious.

I have had dim sims that taste like sausages because I put Barbeque Sauce on them, pork that tasted like salami because I put pizza topping on it, and chicken that tasted like fish because I put Tartare Sauce on it.

I dare you to change the status quo and get out of the rut that is certain sauces going on certain meats.

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