Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Things I Remember

I don't remember very much at all of my childhood, perhaps because of my depression, but there are a few random bits and pieces that I remember, and I don't know why, but I do. And I'd like to share them with you.

I remember one night in Mexico; my host mother didn't want to cook dinner, so we just bought a few boxes of Krispy Kreme donoughts and ate those.

I remember in grade five there was a solo in a song at our school's Christmas carols performance that I really wanted, but an older and taller girl got the part, even though I thought I was heaps better.

I remember my best friend telling me about a girl kissing him. To this day I don't know if he was telling the truth or not.

I remember one day in Japan I tried the Mentos and Coke explosion trick with a grape Fanta and a grape Mentos. It didn't work.

I remember playing Frisbee with my Uncle at a park near his house. 

I remember asking someone at church where they'd been all morning, only to realise it wasn't the person I thought it was.

I remember jumping off a rather high playground during an intense game of tag when I was seven, and landing on my neck and doing a somersault, only to get back up, unharmed, and run away.

I remember a girl in grade six tried all year to get the teacher to call her Abby because she didn't like her real name: Annabel. The teacher never caved in.

I remember collecting snails one day at school and taking them home with me. I put them in a fish tank on the varanda and they survived about a day.

I remember a friendly bus driver in Japan brought me my hat after we'd gotten off the bus and gone into a store. He must have turned the bus around to come back.

I remember waking up on the day of my fifth birthday. I got a pink and white Furby.

I remember going on a boat in Mexico. I don't remember where it went or what we did that day, but I can remember walking downstairs to get to a little canal with our boat in it.

I remember getting sushi at a 7/11 in Japan one day for lunch. It was so awful I threw it out after one bite.

I remember being at my friend's house one day and his little sister was running around butt-naked.

I remember Patrick, one of my best friends in Kindergarten. I haven't seen him since our last day of Kinder, twelve years ago.

I remember falling asleep on my way home from Tokyo Disneyland, we kept getting on and off trains and changing lines over and over, and I nearly fell asleep on every little leg of the journey.

I remember seeing heaps of medals, ribbons, and sporting awards in my cousin's bedroom. 

I remember hiding in the bush on the nature strip across the road whilst playing Jedi Knights with my brother.

I remember trying to make brownies or chocolate slice or something without a recipe and ending up with something definitely not what I was aiming for. It didn't even make it to the oven.

I remember playing a video game on my uncle's computer where you could make any racetrack you wanted, and then actually drive on it.

I remember going to see Thomas the Tank Engine and the Magic Railroad at the cinemas with my dad. We went to Subway afterwards and I got toys of all the main characters from the movie there.

I remember the fountain in my old church, the garden at my grandparent's old house, the fish pond at the hospital, and every hotel room, bedroom, and tent I have ever spent the night in.

It's memories like these that I think we all take for granted.

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