Friday, 7 December 2012

Poetry Friday - My Angel

My friend is the best, she’s everything to me.
I wouldn’t trade her for anything; nothing’s as much to me.
Her hair is always frizzy and her laugh is like a roar.
But her smile is the one thing I most of all adore.
She’s just a little crazy, and she’s just a little strange.
I love everything about her, there’s nothing I would change.

I’d tell her every single day, just what she means to me.
If I could just go back in time, and fill her heart with glee.
For once upon a time she made a terrible mistake,
And to this day it’s causing me a horrible heartache.
She wasn’t as happy as she should be, even though she tried.
Now I only wish that I was there to hold her when she cried.

Though she tried to tell me otherwise, I knew something was wrong.
It wasn’t ‘til she took herself, I heard her tragic song.
A tear I wept for every time she wept a tear herself.
I never try but I can only help but blame myself.
I cannot fathom how she didn’t see it through my eyes.
But every time she saw herself, she put on a disguise.

The pain, it burns me deep inside, I don’t know what to think.
I pray she’s in a better place though I know she’s on the brink.
I did everything I could, I tried so very hard.
It doesn’t seem to change the fact I’ve never been so scarred.
I don’t know what they mean when they say to let her go,
My whole life is upside-down, and playing in slo-mo.

I love my beautiful friend to bits. I’ll miss her forever more.
I won’t forget the last things she said as she walked out my front door.
If only I knew what was going down as she ran away.
I’d give an arm, a leg, and half my heart just to go back to that day.
I’d wrap my arms around her and I’d squeeze out all her pain.
I’d kiss her goodbye before her life went down the kitchen drain.

I know she hears my song tonight, for she lives within my heart.
I know she’d try to come back down and give it a fresh start.
She’ll live with me forever, in every single dream.
I know she’ll watch forever as I travel down this stream.
My guardian angel watches me, just as I watch for her.
I pray that in the years to come her face will never blur.

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