Friday, 28 December 2012

Poetry Friday - Never Give Up

Whether you want something,
Or whether you don't.
You don't want to quit,
You say that you won't.
But every time you start,
You can't see the end.
And at every decision,
There's a fork in the bend.

You try to do this,
And you try to do that.
You want to succeed,
You want a top hat.
You have so much in mind,
And so much to achieve.
You put on your boots,
And you roll up your sleeves.

But soon as the first
Little problem arrives.
You throw down your hat,
And your problem survives.
As soon as you can't
Give it all your attention,
All of your focus is

I know what it's like,
I know how it feels.
To throw it away,
And miss your big meal.
It's so hard to keep going,
And go after your cup.
To keep running the race,
And never give up.

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