Friday, 14 December 2012

Poetry Friday - Somewhere

Somewhere way up in the sky,
Somewhere where we all can fly
Somewhere where the grass is blue,
Where cows miaow and ducks say "boo!"

Somewhere where the flowers sing,
Somewhere where the bees don't sting.
Somewhere where the mik is honey,
And every stranger is a bunny.

Somewhere very far away,
You wait for me each every day.
I'll be there soon, just wait and see,
I'll join you soon out in the sea.

Somewhere where the fishes dance,
Somewhere where the insects prance.
Somewhere where there is no time,
We speak in song, we sing in rhyme.

Somewhere where we live in peace,
Somewhere where our love's increased.
Somewhere made of silver and gold,
Where no one's story is untold.

Somewhere in a paradise,
Where to enter in it has no price.
I know you're there, I'll look for you,
It won't be long 'til I'm with you.

When my world looks just like this,
And we can share in all this bliss.
I'll come to you and finally,
We'll be together, somewhere free.

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