Thursday, 13 December 2012

Summer Holidays

Summer is not a particularly interesting time of year in Australia. Christmas is the most fantastic day of the year, and New Years always brings bitter-sweet feelings, reminiscing, and party food. But other than that, essentially nothing happens. I'm really only writing this because there's nothing else to write about, and my blog was looking a little bare.

People always have this idea of Summer where all your mates head down to the beach and have a huge party that lasts the whole holiday, perhaps because of the influence of media and the spin they put on Summer.

But in reality, that never happens. And even if it does, it's just one day in amongst two whole months that young people have between the school years.

Most people my age will spend the other days inside, playing with their Christmas presents, drowning in the excessive heat. Some are fortunate enough to have a pool at the house. I think if I had a pool; I would spend every day just sitting in it.

Of course there are some movies you can go and see, and the theatre's always nice and cool; but there's only so many you can see before you've seen them all, and you could go to the beach but it's pretty far away from most people to consider going more than a couple of times over the holidays.

And even if you go away for a week you'll probably end up doing mostly the same thing, just further away from your friends.

I'm just rambling now, but the point is that the Summer Holidays are essentially a chance for kids to catch up on all the sleep they missed over the school year, catch up on the video games and books they had to put down due to exams, and do as little work as possible for fear of heat stroke. And nothing more.

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