Friday, 25 January 2013

Don't Mess With a Man With a Plan

I don't usually make plans. In fact, I try to avoid making plans all together. I think life should be lived as it comes, rather than long before it happens, but the other day I had a plan in mind.

And when I say plan, I merely planned to get off the bus at a particular stop. I had texted my mum and she had agreed to pick me up at this stop, and I was about thirty minutes from the stop when I decided to have a nap on the bus.

I'd been out all day, walking around, swimming at the beach, having a grand old time with my best friend, and I was pretty exhausted. Sleeping on public transport isn't unusual for me. I do it all the time, and I'm extremely good at waking up in time to get off. In fact, I've never missed my stop while I've slept.

So when I was about ten minutes from my stop, I am shaken awake by a lady behind me. I'm pretty stunned, and a little shocked to be woken up. I was completely disorientated as to where I was.

I was under the impression I hadn't reached my stop yet, but was it possible I had missed it? The bus I was on was going all the way to the airport on the other side of the city. For a split second I had a little panic attack when I thought I had been on the bus two hours longer than intended.

But then the woman behind me directed my attention out the window where my mother was, waving at me like a lunatic. I realised I had not yet reached my destination, but I'd been stopped prematurely, and my mother had met me before I was ready to get off.

In a distressed panic, I gathered my things and shuffled off the bus, barely awake, still in shock from the rude awakening.

It didn't take long for me to realise I had left my phone on the bus. Earlier that day, I had gone shopping and gotten a brand new sim card, because I recently found the phone after losing it for six months.

So my practically brand new phone was on the bus... and I was not.

There was an adventure we went on, following the bus, calling headquarters, and tracking down the man who had picked it up for me, and I ended up getting the phone back before the day was out.

But the moral of the story is: Don't mess with a man with a plan. I don't make plans often, but when I do, I really really like to stick to them. Especially when sleep is involved!

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