Friday, 25 January 2013

Poetry Friday - Underneath the Sea

I breathe,
I dive,
I sink,
I spin around in circles,
Until I can't no more.

I float,
I swim,
I splash,
It feels like it is magic,
It feels like I'm in love.

It's cool,
It's clear,
It's bright,
It sparkles with the sunlight,
And ripples with the waves.

It's deep,
It's blue,
It's calm,
It stretches for eternity,
It seems to never end.

I close,
My eyes,
I jump,
I don't know what's below me,
But I have faith in it.

I dive,
The world,
And swim from all my troubles,
And let them float away.

I run,
I jump,
I fall,
It is my sanctuary,
It's where I can be free.

I dive,
I fly,
I swim,
I soar,
I dance,
I sing,
I'm free,
I'm me,
It's like no other place,
Underneath the sea.

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