Friday, 8 February 2013

Poetry Friday - Every Hour

For every day of every week,
Of every month of every year,
For every second in a minute,
And every minute in an hour,

For every hour in a day,
From dawn to dusk and back again,
For every year in every decade,
And every leap year that comes around,

For every second in an hour,
For every hour in a year,
For every minute in a day,
For every step I take each day,

For every breath, every word,
Every song, every bird.
Every rock and every tree,
Everything that looks at me,

For every stream and every river,
My heart, my brain, my tougne, my liver,
My bones and blood and fingers, toes,
My eyes, my mouth, my ears, my nose,

For everything I wish to be,
Each thing I hear, and thing I see.
Each thing I was, and what I am,
The things that make me who I am,

For all of this, and all of that,
My clothes and shoes, my belt and hat,
For all I own and all I don't,
The things I do and those I don't,

I have you to thank.

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