Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Writing a Song

Writing songs has never been difficult for me. They're usually on piano, and I just play aronud with a chord progression until I hear something I like, but when I did techno songs; it was even easier. I just chuck in a simple arpeggio made up of the chord and voila!

Writing a song with lyrics is such a whole new level of writing. Maybe I just have a serious case of writer's block because I'm trying too hard, but even though I have a chord progression, a theme, and a genre, that's all I've got.

Sometimes I'll sit at the piano and play the chord progression over and over for up to an hour, and nothing comes out.

You see, this year for my final year of school, the media students have to do a big project, usually a short film. I'm doing a music video. The only problem is that music videos are usually really simple and basic, and get low marks.

But when they're originals, and the student had to write and record it before working on the film, it's pretty impressive, and you're looking at top marks right there.

Plus, because there's no story, plot, or dialogue; you can pretty much get away with any half-average film. Of course, mine will be beautiful and will change the lives of all who see it, but writing a song aside, it's not hard to pull off.

Of course, writing a song is the hardest part isn't it?

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