Friday, 1 March 2013

Poetry Friday - Tomorrow

Never look back on what happened today,
'Cause it's already gone and it's now passed away.
That day is gone, that moment has passed,
The future is now, and today is the past.

Nothing before you matters right now,
The you that was then is not the you that is now.
If you live in the past and dwell on today,
You'll miss all the things that might happen someday.

Tomorrow is coming, tomorrow is here,
Tomorrow is waiting for you to come near.
When you wake up tomorrow the day will be sunny,
Regardless of how much the weather was crummy.

The birds will be singing, the flowers will bloom,
Children will dance, there's no time for gloom.

Pick your feet up and put on your hat,
Go fly a kite, play with your cat.
Learn a new instrument, sing a new song,
Forget what happened, stop and be strong.

Whatever has happened, has already gone,
What else can you do but go run along?
You can't change the past, so why bother to dream,
Let your thoughts dwell on what lies down the stream.

Because today is dead, today is gone,
Today has exploded, a new day will dawn.
Tomorrow is all that's important right now,
So ignore what has happened and onward you'll plow.

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