Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Prayer Heals

Having been on a youth camp all weekend, and spending a total of about eighteen hours in prayer and worship over three days, it came to Sunday night at church, and the service had just finished and people had begun to go home.

Heaps of people were being prayed for and I'm like "Man I'm so hungry for more of God tonight; there's no way I'm going home now!"

So a bunch off us stayed later and prayed for people. All weekend we had seen amazing things happen, but there was one girl that I'd never met before, who had really hurt her back, and could barely move without being in excruciating pain.


We started praying for her, believing that her back would be miraculously healed by God, and we prayed and prayed for her, and we weren't getting the results we had previously seen.

I couldn't help but think that there was something else at work here, because I don't believe in coincidences. I knew there had to be a reason for this injury, and I felt prompted to ask if there was some kind of conflict in her life at the time.

She told us about her Dad, who was definitely not a Christian. She was about to go to church when her Dad told her to stay home and rest, because that was the best thing for her back, and she replied "No, I think church is the place I need to be most right now", to which he replied "Do you really think that having a bunch of people pray for you is going to help?"

Well this changed everything. It's one thing to pray for a bad back, it's another thing entirely to pray for a testimony that could change a man's life. And so we went back to praying for her.

And her back was healed instantly, right then and there. I remember we stopped and asked how her back was feeling. And she started to bend down, all the way down until she could touch her toes. Then with a squeal of delight she started jumping around and spinning around and doing all kinds of acrobatic things she couldn't do before.

She told us how her Dad had to pull her off the couch because she couldn't do it herself, and how it took her minutes just to pick her clothes up off the floor. And now, here she was rolling around on the ground.

Besides the fact that this is an incredible testimony, and an uplifting of faith that no one can deny, when she went home, she would've been able to say to her dad: "Look at what my God did for me." "Look at how powerful my God is." "Look at how good my God is to me."

Now, to this day we don't know what happened to her back, one moment it was fine, and then during a prayer meeting, it suddenly went to crap. And I can't say for sure, but I'm thinking that God messed her back up so that he could miraculously heal it.

Because truth be told, I would let God mess my back up for a week to save the life of one person.

The fact that we saw a miracle on that night isn't the best part of this story. The best part is that she can go home to her dad and tell him that her God is a powerful God, a God who heals, a God who is alive.

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