Friday, 26 April 2013

Poetry Friday - Whenever Life Takes Over

You’ll turn around and look on back,
One day far from now.
You’ll stop and study all that was,
And see what you allowed.

You’ll see what happened miserably,
And where you had success.
Under a microscope you’ll see,
What you never did assess.

You’ll see all the mistakes you made,
All the chances you ignored.
You’ll see where you held up your shield,
And where you swung your sword.

We pray the story that we’ll see,
Will be something to remember.
Even with the things we do each day,
Whenever life takes over.

Don’t wait until you’re old and grey,
To take a look around.
Look at where your life is now,
And look at where you’re found.

Change the things that can’t be changed,
Change your circumstance.
Don’t wait for life to change it for you,
Go out and take this chance.

You don’t have forever here,
You might not have tomorrow.
Fix the things you never fixed,
And heal the things you broke.

Don’t get caught in every day,
Stop and smell the roses.
You might not have the chance one day,
Whenever life takes over.

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