Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Song of the Month - Paradox

Paradox is an older song on the Infinity album that I wrote, probably my best. It's got a seriously catchy riff. Like all good techno songs it's repetitive, and I'll probably end up using it as the background music for a video game some time, probably a shooter of some kind.

This song took me a long time to get right, and even still I fiddled with it more. I have two remixes and I'm working on a third. The riff is great, I just want to get all the other parts to work together to make it perfect. This version I've uploaded is the original. The lame vocal part features my voice.

It doesn't have any depth or meaning, it's just an awesome riff that popped into my head one day that I just had to turn into a song. One day it might become the theme song for it's own flash game.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. As per usual, please don't attempt to download the song or steal it in anyway.

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