Friday, 17 May 2013

Poetry Friday - Don't Wake Me Up

I live in a world where,
Dreams come true.
But when I wake up,
My world says adieu.

In my dreams,
Everything’s right.
Everything’s good,
In the middle of night.

Memories become dreams,
And dreams become shadows.
Nights become fun,
And days become mellow.

Right becomes wrong,
And truth becomes lies.
Foes become friends,
And ground becomes sky.

Days never end,
And nights never start.
The truth in my head,
Are the lies in my heart.

Up becomes down,
Left becomes right.
Strangers are friends,
In the middle of night.

Don’t wake me up,
Wake me tomorrow.
Let me lie forever,
In the dreams of my sorrow.

Don’t wake me up,
Don’t end my dream.
Don’t make me go back,
To wherever I’ve been.

I’ll stay here forever,
Where everything’s green.
Don’t wake me up,
From the land of my dreams.

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