Sunday, 2 June 2013

Things I Remember - Part Two

I wrote quite a while ago about some random snapshots of fragmented memories I have from when I was younger. I'm not even sure if they are all memories, some may be dreams, or false memories my brain put together from old stories and photos. But there's so much more in my mind than just what I posted then.

This is another list of strange and random memories from my black hole of a brain.

I remember the lyrics and tune to a song from my first school musical in 2007. I never even sang that song because I wasn't in the chorus, but I still remember it.

I remember the name of the horse belonging to the antagonist from a TV show called Saddle Club. It was called Ruby.

I remember Martha, from Mexico. Everyone thought she had a huge crush on me. I'll probably never know if that was true or not.

I remember getting a Bubble O Bill ice-cream on the way home from kindergarten.

I remember pulling an all-nighter in Japan one night.

I remember not wanting to go to bed one year when daylight savings started because it was still light outside.

I remember being too scared to fight the boss in the first level of Super Mario 64 and therefore, never getting past the first level for several years.

I remember my teacher telling me not to use coloured pencils for writing on my first day of school.

I remember the "love tunnel" from primary school. If a boy and girl were in there at the same time, alone. Rules are, they had to kiss.

I remember watching Matilda for the first time at school. It was pyjama day for the grade sixes in our last week of primary school.

I remember getting chips in a cup, a hotdog, and a milkshake after the service at my old church.

I remember eating an actual Mexican nacho while I was in Mexico. We were in an arcade at the time.

I remember having my grade one teacher read The Never Ending Tree to us at the end of every Friday while we lay on the floor and looked up at the ceiling fan spinning above us.

I remember being left behind at the beach on a camp in year seven. I had to hitch hike back to the campsite. When I got back; I had a shower and went to dinner where no one even noticed I was missing. To this day I have only told a couple of people that story.

I remember going on a weekend getaway into the desert while I was in Mexico. I remember having breakfast in a big room, and swimming in a pool for hours and hours with no sunscreen. I was so sunburnt I could barely sleep.

I remember trying to watch a movie in the reflection of a window in the lounge room whilst sitting on my bed upstairs in my bedroom. I didn't see a whole lot, I just didn't want to go to bed. That movie was The Fifth Element, and I finally watched it properly last month.

I remember nothing of real use, but I remember everything of real value.

It's memories like these that make me miss a simpler time: when the biggest problem you faced each day was what to have for breakfast.

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