Sunday, 5 May 2013

One Thing They All Had In Common

I was at World Vision's Global Leadership Conference a few years ago, and the conference opened with this fantastic video clip explaining the one thing all the great leaders in the world had in common. It showed pictures of all kinds of leaders: monarchs, dictators, ambassadors, politicians, etc.

According to the voice over in the video; all the great leaders in the world had one thing in common, one secret that made them a great leader, a secret that had been unlocked and was going to be shared with the people attending the conference.

That secret was...
Their scarves.

The clip then proceeded to show us all the same photos, but with the various types of scarves worn by all the leaders being highlighted, and what's funny is that all the leaders in the clip were wearing scarves.

Now, obviously, they deliberately picked out pictures of great leaders wearing scarves, but it was a very anti-climatic joke, and we were all handed scarves at the start of the conference like it would actually make us better leaders, and they played a part in the rest of the conference and we got to take them home, and it was just a very funny joke, like we were all going to be amazing leaders because of our new superpowers.

That weekend, I was leading in the children's ministry at my church, so I thought "Why not?" and I put on my "leadership scarf" as I like to call it. Now, I don't think that scarf made me a better leader, but that night at church, our senior minister, our youth pastor, and our young adults pastor were all wearing scarves.

...Yeah. Weird, right?

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