Tuesday, 16 July 2013


My natural leadership has always lead to me being a bit of a trend-setter, especially with my younger siblings. I'm constantly finding people just do what I do because I'm often in a position of leadership or authority, especially children.

Even sometimes when it's related to fashion, like when I started wearing fedoras. But not like this before.

On one of the camps I spent the last two weeks on, we had a whole heap of nail polish, so the girls could get into the Christmas spirit by painting their nails green and red, gold, sparkly, etc. (It was a Christmas in July themed camp)

So in good Christmas spirit (and also because I'll do anything for the sake of true comedy) I asked one of the girls if she could paint my nails.

She promptly obliged. She barely even waited for me to sit down before one hand was bright purple and the other hot pink. Not long after that; they were covered in golden, sparkly glitter.

What happened next was truly remarkable.

Obviously; no other guys had even thought of getting their nails done, I'm not exactly a normal person, you see. But I went around the campsite showing them off and getting feedback. Everyone was very impressed.

As a joke, I suggested to one other guy that he should get his nails done, at first he blatantly refused, but after plenty of peer pressure from the nine and ten year old girls manning the nail-painting station, he eventually crumbled under the weight of their expectations and had his nails painted.

To make a long story short: After just one hour, myself, a grandfather of six, the stud leader that all the girls secretly like, the first aid guy, and a nine year old boy in my cabin all had their nails painted. I kid you not.

If you're the sort of person who can start trends just by jumping head-first into something seemingly ridiculous, just do a little experiment. See how far people will follow you.

But also watch out. Everything you do is always being watched. And it's scary how far people will go to follow the guy in charge. (WWII anyone?)

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