Monday, 10 June 2013

Movie Review - Sync

This morning; I had the absolute privilege of watching an independent feature length film called Sync that was uploaded to YouTube by CorridorDigital and BAMMO earlier this year.

I wouldn't normally review a film on my blog, but the people that made this deserve all the publicity and praise they can get, because I'm not kidding when I say that this was one of the best movies I have ever watched.

There was no multi-million dollar budget, there were no award winning actors, it wasn't even released on DVD or in cinemas.

Imagine two YouTube channels whose strengths lied in special effects and CGI. Put together, they created an engaging and original story, with a deep plot and several twists. They took quality actors, and breathtaking stunt artists and filled a world that rivalled any Hollywood blockbuster.

There was a powerful soundtrack, detailed costumes, hilarious jokes, fast cars, machine guns, stunning fight scenes, and quite frankly, a production value that made me forget the fact that I was watching an independent film on YouTube of all places.

There were moments that made me jump, there were moments that made me cry. I have nothing but respect for all the talented, clever people who worked on Sync and understood what it means to make a great movie...

...Without the multi-million dollar budgets and the award winning actors.

This film was better than the majority of things that Hollywood spits out nowadays and this was just a couple of YouTubers with a dream.

You can watch the entire film online here.

Sync by CorridorDigital and BAMMO.

9/10 stars.

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