Friday, 19 October 2012


I was walking home one day after school as I vented to myself in my head over something that I found upsetting, when I realised that I don't really have anyone to vent to. Occasionally I have a little venting session with my mum, but she talks too much.

It was then that I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog. It seemed I was always thinking about something that I just wish I could tell someone. An achievement, a problem, something that makes me happy or something that makes me angry. I figured I could share it with the internet. And even if no one reads a single post on this blog. At least I will know that it's out there, and off my chest.

The name "Diary of an Extrovert" just came to me one day. I was in a situation where all my friends were together and I had been separated from the pack. It was no one's fault, but I found myself alone, knowing that I was missing out on something. I found it really hard to cope with. I wanted so much to be with my friends that I had to keep myself distracted and just pretend it didn't bother me.

That's when I decided I must be the most extraverted person on Earth, and that if I ever started a blog, it would be titled "Diary of an Extrovert".

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