Friday, 22 February 2013

Poetry Friday - Midnight Love Song

Day break, heartache,
Moonlight, shine bright.
Midnight, half light,
Day time, moon shine.

Daylight, dark night,
Midday, sea spray.
High noon, blue moon,
Starlight, black light.

Sunrise, to sunset,
I'll go, you'll wait.
Don't go, you'll see,
I'll return, maybe.

Don't walk, don't run,
Full moon, half sun.
Stay here, stay there,
Blue eyes, dark hair.

Please stay, don't go,
High speed, slow mo.
I'll be back, someday,
Some how, some way.

But you left, last year,
You did not, stay here.
I came, and you're gone,
Midnight, love song.

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