Thursday, 8 November 2012


Today, I was talking to some friends, and the conversation eventually led to them talking about ghosts, I sat there in silence as they talked about friends and family that had haunted houses. One of them lived in a hundred year old house, and there was no doubt in either of their minds that there were ghosts in that house.

They talked about ghosts they had seen, and experiences they had had. They had seen something that was convincing enough to make them believe in ghosts. I began to think about what this was...

Later today I had the pleasure of meeting someone new, she gave me a lift home tonight. We talked the whole way home about our lives, and what we'd been up to lately. Actually, in the half hour drive, we basically shared our entire life stories.

She told me that when she was a child; she had terrible nightmares. She was crippled with fear, fear that she couldn't explain, that she couldn't pin to any one stimulus. It was just fear, and it tormented her her whole life.

She recently went to Indonesia on a missions trip, and whether you believe in ghosts or not; Indonesia is a very spiritual place. The spiritual realm is so thick there it can be dangerous.

One night on the trip she was in bed and all of a sudden this fear came back, paralyzing her. The room appeared to go dark, and she couldn't move. She began to panic, crying out to her roommate who had to try and calm her down.

They found out they were staying in a house that had been cursed by witches and shamans, demons had been attached to objects in that house, and in the very room this girl was staying in.

During that trip; they ran a youth camp on an island, and last year when they ran the same camp; there was an incredible demonic attack, with many of the kids being possessed.

You can imagine how much the team prayed before going on that camp.

Back home, I hadn't heard anything about this, or how the trip was going, but I remember someone in our church talking about a vision they had, of the team in Indonesia, surrounded by a circle of angels with swords drawn.

As the team drove to the camp, one of the team members saw two angels salute them as they were driving down the road.

And back at their home stay house, one team member saw angels go into the room and take the demons out.

Now, I don't believe in ghosts. But I do believe in demons. Because everything in the world is either of God, or of Satan. So if it isn't good, holy, beautiful, and perfect, it's got Satan written all over it.

But what about Palm Readers? Mystics? Clairvoyants? Tarot Cards? Psychics?

There's a quote I heard a long time ago that I have never forgotten. "99% of all psychics are fakes. The other 1% are either possessed, or working in league with the devil."

Believe it or not, the spiritual realm exists. I've seen demons manifesting in people who are possessed. I've seen people writhe around on the ground, violently thrashing their arms about, shaking like they're having a seizure, arching their backs in such a way it can't be physically possible, sweating like they're in a sauna, only to be prayed for, and be back to a normal human being minutes later.

It's scary stuff. The things I've heard other people experiencing are horrifying. But there's no reason to be afraid. Unless you're not on God's side. God gives us the authority to tell demons to leave us alone. He gives us the authority to cast demons out of those who are possessed. But if you're not on his side, then you must be on the side of the enemy. And if that's the case, you're allowing him to have his way with you.

That girl I was telling you about... when she came home from Indonesia; she was no longer afraid of anything. She is free from fear, and free from Satan.

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