Friday, 9 November 2012

Poetry Friday - Logic

A poem of logic, a poem of truth,
A chance to finally pull out your tooth.
But where will it go? Under the floor?
Into the alley and out the front door?

Stop it before it gets away,
Don’t let it ruin your perfect day!
Hold its front legs back, give it a spin,
Turn it around and now we begin.

Jelly is everywhere, what will you do?
Put on your hat and put on your broom.
Fly to the market and buy a bouquet,
Get back home on a magical sleigh.

Lick a lizard playing kazoo,
Make sure you don’t frighten that final screw.
Don’t stop looking for the final piece,
Make sure it doesn’t call the police.

How many times will you eat a steak,
Before you realise it’s not on your plate?
There are sixty times as many things,
That rotate backwards and then grow wings.

Five hundred potatoes marching ahead,
Shoot their cannons into your head.
Pencils, textas, crayons, and more,
Blowing a whirlwind right through your door.

Turn off the oven and turn off the lamp,
Steal somebody’s trailer camp.
Didn’t your mother ever tell you,
"Don’t touch the leopard, you’ll get the flu!"

There’s a place you can go where the snakes never fly,
Where berries don’t grow, and no one has thighs.
You’ll meet a man there; his name’s of course, Jim.
He has something for you, it will help you swim.

Don’t keep it too long, throw it away,
Give it to your aunt for another day.
The last line of this play doesn’t rhyme with the first,
And it doesn’t really fit in either. But it is logical, and it does make sense.

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